G Suite for NCKU 上線了~~

 *請閱讀 啟用教學說明
 *尚未取得G Suite帳號與開通的人,請儘速連結到 G Suite for NCKU 進行開通~

「校友」請注意,如果剛剛設定的密碼無法立即登入,為系統忙碌中,請您稍候再次嘗試使用新密碼登入, 或是重新到 「忘記密碼」重新申請,謝謝~

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Please note the following:

  1. The login account and password are the same as those in the previous version. The first time you log in to the faculty and students, please use the default password to log in .
  2. Please update your password and mailbox after login (non-school mailbox, this mailbox provides forgotten password reset).
  3. Auto provisioning is not available temporarily during the period. Please connect to each system and log in. The system will continue to support the signing function.
  4. If you have any questions during the period, please go to "Contact Us (Email) Leave a message or call extension (06)2757575#61045 to serve you here.

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